Preventive Maintenance

Desert Truck Service encourages preventive maintenance for the purpose of maintaining your vehicle's equipment in satisfactory operating condition. Our three step process of inspection, detection, and correction allows for adjustments to be made and parts replaced before failures occur or before minor problems develop into major problems.

The primary goal of maintenance is to avoid the consequences of equipment failure by preventing the failure before it actually occurs. We preserve and restore equipment reliability by replacing worn components before they fail. These activities include partial or complete overhauls at specified periods, brake inspection, oil changes, and lubrication. In addition, our technicians record equipment deterioration so they know when to replace or repair worn parts.

Preventive maintenance is generally considered to be worthwhile because it keeps equipment working and/or extends the life of the equipment. At Desert Truck Service, we consider:
•  OEM recommendations
•  Requirements of codes and legislation within a jurisdiction
•  Our "expert opinion" regarding what ought to be done
•  Maintenance that has already been done to similar equipment

After these maintenance options have been considered, we choose the best, most efficient, cost-effective solution and service your vehicle with knowledge and experience.

The Ideal Preventive Maintenance Program Would Prevent All Equipment Failure Before It Occurs