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Haldex develops and manufactures brake systems for heavy trucks, trailers and buses, covering all primary components and subsystems included in complete air brake systems. Haldex organizes their brake systems into two categories:  Air Controls and Foundation Brake.

Air Controls develops and manufactures products to dehumidify and regulate compressed air in brake systems, as well as air suspension systems, valves and electronically regulated subsystems (ABS, ESP, ESB). This includes air management systems, air suspension systems and electronic braking systems.

Foundation Brake develops and produces the wheel-end products that provide the actual braking effect, such as automatic brake adjusters for drum brakes and electronic sensor systems for indicating wear on brake surfaces. This includes actuators, automatic brake adjusters, disc brakes and electronic lining wear sensors.

Desert Truck Service also carries Haldex after-market electrical components including starters and alternators.


ABS/EBS Product Catalog (pdf)
Air Disc Brakes Product Catalog (pdf)
Air Valves Product Catalog (pdf)
Electrical Product Catalog (pdf)
Aftermarket Product Lines Brochure (pdf)
ModulX® Air Disc Brakes Service Parts Catalog (pdf)
Remanufactured Alternators Bulletin (pdf)
Remanufactured Starters Bulletin (pdf)

Haldex provides innovative safety solutions, focusing on brake and air suspension products