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Workhorse Custom Chassis

Desert Truck Service's technicians are factory trained on the Workhorse RV Chassis. We offer genuine Workhorse parts for your vehicle so that it will retain superior performance combined with fail-safe reliability.

RV’s are what we do, so if you are concerned with your engine and chassis electrical, fuel systems, cooling fans, lubrication and oil consumption, cruise control, instrumentation, brake systems, air conditioning, rear-drive axle, tires, or if your transmission needs inspection or maintenance, we are equipped to resolve these issues and more. We'll also service and repair your on-board generator.

About Workhorse Chassis

Workhorse started with a simple concept: to build a platform that would blur the distinction between gas and diesel motor homes. This concept became the W Series: a robust gas chassis frame that allowed slide-outs, bigger floor plans and heavier loads. Workhorse also widened the rails and lowered the engine between them, for a more wide open diesel-like cab. As the first chassis manufacturer to design and build a chassis specifically for the Class A Gas motor home market, their revolutionary chassis system opened the door to RV experiences usually associated with diesel coaches. By comparison, the W Series platform is a larger, feature-packed, superb-riding motor home that provides incredible power and performance. You just might mistake it for a diesel.


Workhorse Chassis Guide: General Information (pdf)
Workhorse W42 Bulletin (pdf)
Workhorse W62 Bulletin (pdf)