RV Repair

Get your RV ready for your next road trip today at Mojave's one-stop RV repair shop.

For nearly 30 years, Desert Truck Service has proudly built a reputation as a trusted service center to the RV community. We go beyond what’s expected to provide quality and reliable service. By having a complete maintenance and repair facility under one roof, we help owners save time and money. Desert Truck Service offers maintenance and repair services on a variety of recreational vehicles including motorhomes, trailers, 5th wheels, horse trailers, cargo trailers and campers. All services are performed by certified technicians.

We understand what RVs require in terms of repairs, service and proper storage. We take care of our valued customers by always making it a worry-free experience, and our friendly technicians are ready to help you keep your RV in a fully functional condition. We'll maintain your vehicle and extend its life and performance. Whether you are buying a part, scheduling a repair, or getting advice, you can depend on Desert Truck Service to provide a positive experience for all your RV needs.

At certain times of the year, many of you are thinking about putting your RVs into storage, or gearing up for a road trip. Either way, it's a good time to do some preventative maintenance so that when you do hit the road, you can do so safely and with as few troubles as possible. Desert Truck Service will check your tires, your battery systems and water tanks, and the seal on the roof. Failure of any of these systems can be devastating in terms of cost and personal safety. Plus, we don't overlook your suspension. We've found that the most common failure is in the leaf springs and leaf spring hangers. The leaf spring is what holds the tires and axle to the chassis. It is important that the suspension on RVs, trailers and 5th wheels stays in good mechanical working order so that the tires wear evenly. Proper maintenance of your suspension lessens the possibility of damage and jeopardizing your safety and that of your family.

Desert Truck Service is your one-stop shop for mechanical services, including:

• Change engine oil and oil filter
• Change fuel, air, coolant & hydraulic filters
• Complete chassis inspection & repair
• Suspension, exhaust and fuel system inspection
• Check all fluids, lights, hose and belts

• Brake repair and replacement
• Hydraulic systems
• Engine tune-up and repair
• Transmission service (gas and diesel)
• Cooling systems, A/C service and repair

• Brake condition/adjustment, tire pressure check
• Gas and diesel engine service
• Electrical repair and diagnosis
• Generator repair and service
• Tow kit installation

Remember, being vigilant about your RV maintenance is the best way to prevent problems, so you can enjoy the RV life!